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Suite26 lets you create, send and track professional, personalised marketing emails (eshots).

We offer a managed service and Pay As You Go pricing with volume discounts for large senders.

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Service, Advice and Support

A service led brand

Finding an email marketing service provider in the UK that understand the needs of small business can be daunting, if you don't know a great deal about email marketing or you haven't been recommended a reliable and trusted provider. There are many global companies offering similar services to email marketers with millions of subscribers – that’s not us, and nor do we want it to be. Our little slice of the industry is offering great personal service – with pricing options to suit everyone.

Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy & data protection

Your data is your business. We take data protection and security very very seriously. We will NEVER give access to your account without your consent, and nor will we share ANY details with 3rd parties. Your details and database is private and is kept private.

Suite26 has a sub account feature that will allow you to assign someone else to have access to what you need them to have access to - but that’s under your control and at your discretion.

E-Shot Software and Features

E shot Software & Features

You have complete control over what you send, how it looks, when you send and who to. We pride ourselves on our personal service and our ability to help you get the best out of the services that we provide. For a full list of e shot features please click here »

Suite26 software is live on the internet, there is no software to download or maintain. You can access it from anywhere on the planet and setup access to anyone you feel needs to see reports or send on your behalf.

Pricing and Manged Option

Pricing & Managed Options

We know that your budget can be limited – that’s why we offer a range of options from simple Pay As You Go to large volume discounts.

Suite26 is one of the few providers that are able to offer a managed service. The service effectively means that we will design, implement send and report on your campaign on your behalf – and it doesn’t cost the earth either. Find out more »

Why Use Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Cheapest form of marketing

Compared to other forms of marketing, email is the cheapest. No production and printing costs and considerably cheaper than the price of a stamp.

Offers the Highest ROI

Not only the highest ROI compared to other forms of marketing, but also the easiest and quickest to identify. No guesswork here.

Returns Measurable Results Instantly

Intuitive tracking and reporting provides easy-to-use stats instantly. Use the results to help you analyse, improve and follow up quicker.

Effective personalisation made easy

Target and personalise your emails easily to help you engage with your customers better.

Self service and managed service options

Choose between taking full control of your own email campaign activity or letting someone else manage the process for you.

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