Terms & Anti-Spam Summary

By using Suite26 you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions of Use and Anti-Spam Policy.

We encourage you to read both policies in detail, but for ease of understanding we have summarised the main points below. Failure to adhere to these points may result in your account becoming suspended or cancelled without warning.

Suite26 Definition of Spam

Various laws in different countries attempt to define the meaning of spam, but often are not clear enough. The Suite26 management team class spam as:

"Any e-mail you send to a recipient who has not given you their direct permission to e-mail them on the subject of your e-mail"

Suite26 Anti-Spam Policy

Suite26 has a zero tolerance attitude towards spam. If we detect your account is being, or has been, used for sending email to recipients which have not given you their direct permission we will terminate your access immediately.

Spam Traps

If we detect or discover that your data contains spam traps or that your messages or designated IP addresses are reported for hitting spam traps with any third party servers, spam filters or ISP’s, the Suite26 management team reserve the right to suspend your account immediately. Refunds or reimbursements are not available for any used or unused email credits.

How We Prevent Spam

We employ a number of methods for preventing spam being sent through our systems:

  • Manual Approval
  • Feedback Loops
  • Automated Checks
  • Bounce, Unsubscribe & Complaint Tracking

Please read our Anti-Spam Policy for further detail.

Getting The Right Permission

You may only use Suite26 to send e-mails to lists of people that gave YOU direct permission to e-mail them.

Please read our Anti-Spam Policy to see what we do and do not class as acceptable recipients.

Ensure You Are Not Labelled A Spammer

  • Remove old addresses
  • Remind your recipients who you are
  • Include an unsubscribe link
  • Break your list into segments
  • Don't import your e-mail address book

Please read our Anti-Spam Policy for further detail.

Reporting Abuse

At Suite26 we take abuse reports very seriously. If you have received an e-mail you have not given your permission to receive and you think came from a Suite26 user, then let us know. Please e-mail abuse@26.co.uk with full details and we promise to investigate and take any action necessary.

Support Hours

Suite26 is fully-supported during office hours: 09:00 – 17.30 Monday – Friday, excluding Bank holidays. There is no support outside of these support hours.

If you schedule a campaign to send outside of office hours and your account has Manual Approval Status, you will need to contact the Suite26 support team during office hours.

New customers and some existing customers have accounts with campaigns requiring Manual Approval Status. If you are unsure of the status of your account please call 0345 313 0912 during office hours.

Accounts with Manual Approval Status must be approved by a member of the Suite26 team. We cannot guarantee that your campaign will be approved in 100% of instances for a number of reasons.

For more information on campaign approvals, please call 0345 313 0911

Suite26 Usage Requirements

To start and continue using Suite26 you must:

  • Agree to our Terms & Conditions of Use and Anti-Spam Policy
  • Supply us with valid contact information which includes an e-mail address, telephone number and postal address. You must advise us immediately of any changes to this information
  • Not use Suite26 to send anything we deem unacceptable content
  • Only send to people who have given YOU direct permission to email them
  • Include the code for the built-in unsubscribe link with every campaign
  • Not use misleading or deceptive 'From' e-mail addresses or subject lines in your campaigns
  • Include a valid postal address with every campaign
  • Pay for all e-mails sent from your account even if your message is blocked by third party servers, spam filters or ISP availability which is out of our control

Unacceptable Content

The following content is deemed unacceptable and must not be sent:

  • Pornographic material
  • Illegal substances or drug paraphernalia
  • Firearms, ammunition, weapons or knives
  • Promotion of violence, hate or racism
  • Get rich quick or pyramind schemes
  • Lotteries or financial services where the proper licences are not in place
  • Any campaign which violates the FTC's CAN-SPAM law
  • Any other content which violates UK laws or regulations

Additionally, the Suite26 management team reserve the right to block the sending of a campaign where it believes the content is unaceptable and/or violates applicable laws or regulations.

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