How can it help me?

So, how can it help me or my business?

“If you build it – they will come” erm… no they won’t!  You have to tell them about what you are doing, interest them, engage them and communicate with them.  That’s where Suite26 comes in…

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How can it help me
advertise new products

Advertise New Products

If you have a new product or service it’s important to let people know. It’s really quick, simple and easy to illustrate innovation and thought in your company. Many of our users use Suite26 for the full cycle of a launch, from sending initial market research emails, to notifying of beta programs - from launch to feedback questionnaires once a product or service has launched.

Send Newsletters

Send Newsletters

Sending important updates about your company, products or organisation is a perfect way of building loyalty with your customers or audience. It’s nice to be kept up-to date, and it will help your audience remember you the next time they need something! Suite26 comes complete with code to put onto your website that will help you to capture visitor details from your website!

Send Seasonal Greetings

Send Seasonal greetings or emails about a special occasion!

Every year we get that glowing feeling when we see our customers use Suite26 to send seasonal greetings, we have even had a few people use the reporting facility to tell them if wedding invitations have been opened".

Advertise on behalf of other companies

Advertise on behalf of other companies.

Many of the larger customers on Suite26 are from the Affiliate side of marketing. They operate businesses that generate thousands of pounds per month simply be telling their database about new products, services and offers.

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