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Global Gold Network Limited, Ground Floor, 11-21 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4JU

All about Suite26

Suite26 was founded in 1999 as part of GlobalGold a UK based web hosting company. GlobalGold saw a demand for an easy to use email marketing application that was tailored for small and medium businesses who wanted to communicate & grow with their own customers.

AboutSince its launch Suite26 has grown into more than just a pile it high email marketing program: we understand that many growing business do not have a specialist marketing function in-house, and those that do are busy doing many other things. That’s why we keep it simple and offer a range of service options via our small friendly team of email marketing experts in London and Glasgow. Suite26 is packed full of great features with pricing structures to suit nearly all customers, whether its 100 emails a month – or 10 million!

We offer a range of template designs for HTML emails as well as a professional design option that deliver email designs that are tested to display properly in all the major email applications. When it comes to managing data we offer the ability to import via excel .csv files, bounce management, unsubscribes all within a full range of easy to understand reports.

Suite26 is unique in the respect that we are backed by one of the UKs’ largest hosting companies – iomartGroup Plc. This relationship gives us access to one of the best technical infrastructures in the UK. This means your email campaigns get sent using the best equipment, from a company who has excellent reputations with all major ISPs – who are responsible for the routing of email.

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