Send eShots, newsletters & marketing campaigns easily

Suite26 is an email marketing application that lets you create, send and track professional, personalised marketing emails to anyone you want to email.

Create - Send - Report

With Suite26 you can have complete control over your email campaigns 24 x 7. With a few simple clicks, you can design an email, select who the campaign is to be sent to and choose when the email campaign is sent.

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Self Service or Managed accounts

We are one of the few mailing companies that will help with the management of your campaigns, we can even design you a custom template for less than £300! This option is perfect if you want to get on with running your business.

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Why are we different?

We pride ourselves on giving personal touch, advice and service to our customers – and we find that it helps them to flourish and helps us retain & grow our customer base organically - in short - we prefer quality to quantity.

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A Range of pricing options

At some point the topic of price appears in your decision making – we appreciate that. What may surprise you is that Suite26 is competitive, for example we can send email for you from as little as 0.0002p per email.

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A Range of Pricing Options Bespoke Email Templates
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